How to associate multiple Schedule lines to a single Revit element

Hi all,

I have this issue with Revit schedules for Curtain wall mullions.
The curtain wall has on top the mullion named “HA” which is scheduled properly in a single line, but that mullion is composed as well by different profiles/sub-component (such as TB12345 and TB78910).

For now I just placed it as parameters of the mullion “HA” but
I need it to display in the schedule as single instances therefore single lines for each profile TB12344 and the others.

I dont need it to be real modeled component (families) but just information associated to mullion HA and displayed in the schedule in their own lines.

Any suggestion? Is it somehow clear?
Many thanks

Not sure if I’m completely following you, but it seems like you just need to remove Itemize All Instances or group by something else.

Hi Nick,
Its actually different, because I need to tell Revit (or excel) that for each “HA” row element I need to write more rows with the informations of the profiles that forms the HA element.
Those information are now stored as element parameters (“PROFILO 1” ecc…) in column, but as it is its not easy to work on it in excel and make calculations; I need those profiles to have their own row.

Is it a bit more clear?

So the information you want to schedule is part of PROFILO 1 and not HA? Is PROFILO 1 an actual family, part of a key schedule,…? You could always add the same parameters to your mullions so that the correct information could be pushed between parameters. There are a few options but I think we need a little more information.

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“PROFILO 1” is a parameter of “HA”, thats why I managed to schedule it like that.
I d like to schedule it as a independent instance but I think it is not possible because it s just a parameter.

I also tried to place a detail component inside the profile of the curtain wall mullion but it does not appear as shared and neither in the schedule.

The bigger picture is that I have to schedule a curtain wall mullions but each mullion is formed by several profile, as it is made by the constructor.
The best option would be nested mullion but Revit does not allow it.

What do you mean by this? Can’t you just sort by PROFILO 1 then? Or do you mean that if you have 5 mullions each made of 3 profiles you want 15 line items instead of 5? I would think you’d be ok just getting counts for each profile then but maybe not.

Can you share an image of what you want your schedule to look like?

Yes, I have one mullion made of 3 profile, therefore I need 3 lines (row) in the excel for the factory production.

I am doing that with Dynamo now, working directly on the parameters, counting them and joining lists, seems to be working for now.