How to arrange rooms next to the hall

I am new to use the dynamo,
How can I use dynamo to arrange all the rooms next to the two sides of the corridor?
Get the result as shown below.

How have you done this so far?
Post what you’ve got.

Good to see a graph I built in the early days of Refinery still being asked for…

There are several ways to do this, in this example I translated the rectangles based on the sum of the lengths of rectangles which came before them after breaking them into sublists for ‘above and below the hallway’. The actual graph is available for download (first in the menu of samples) if you sign up for the open Refinery beta here: Project Refinery Beta | Autodesk.

Thank you very much for your answer, and I am very happy to get the solution from the original author. In the code, I also saw a Tools. RunMe node. Can you show the code or software package of this node? your answer will be of great help to my research.

@Zerin …looks like Steamnodes

Think you can replace that with a Data.Gate, which didn’t exist at the time this was first written.

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