How to ALWAYS place dimension to the LEFT of the Curtain Wall, no matter what angle the view is?

So I have been working on a script that places dimensions for each panel in my curtain wall correctly. I got it working nicely. However, I work in views with differing angles. In other words, I will not always be working in North, South, East, West, etc.


Currently, I am grabbing the startpoint of the geometry line of the wall, and making a new line that is made up of that startpoint, and the same startpoint with the height added to the X value. Creating an imaginary line on the left side of the wall. It works well in this case. However, I want to ALWAYS select the most left side of the wall and create a line there to dimension on.

The biggest part of this is placing these dimensions to the left of the wall with an offset between each one. Right now, on each loop, it is modifying the XYZ values of the imaginary line to place the dims to the left. It only works in the North elevation as of right now. How do I ALWAYS move the imaginary line to the left, no matter what angle the wall is?

Do I need a clever algebraic expression? Am I taking the wrong approach here altogether? Any helpful advice would be life changing.


Just thinking aloud… The wall knows which face is exterior? So if you construct a line from the centre ‘outwards’ the left direction is always -90 degrees from there? I might be dead wrong…!

Hope that helps!


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Might consider pulling the view’s plane and hawing the U or V axis as a vector to control the movement direction.