Door Tags: Get Mark Value from Linked Model


Set up: Working within an MEP model with Arch file linked in. We tag the security doors to indicate the doors that get access control.

Desire for Dynamo: Create a list of the door numbers we tag only. I have managed to pull parameter information form tags that link to local MEP model but I cannot seem to pull information from tags that link to Arch Linked model (i.e. door tags).

Can someone show me how to create a list of door mark values (coming from the Arch linked model) from door tags placed within the MEP local model.

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You can do it via python pretty easily. Here’s a file that will just get all the door tags in the model and then output the door mark associated with them, whether it’s from a local door or one in a linked model. You could adapt that to pull whatever other information you want by changing the parameter that it’s reading from.

DoorTag_LinkedFileDoorMark.dyn (2.6 KB)

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Awesome, that worked. I have been pulling my hair out working on this. Thanks so much Timothy.

Hello Shane,

I’m currently working on something similar and I was curious if you could post the final solution for your door tagging script, thanks!

Hi @Timothy_Logan1,

Thanks for Python Node, it works great for getting a list of all the tags in the model. However how do I pull out the door number?

In my case the door tags are in my model and they pull the “MARK” value from the doors (in a linked model) and use that “Mark” value for a label.

I am trying to schedule all the door tags in my model. - to include the Label text.