How take from list only this surfaces?

I has a problem… I need only this stair surfaces (watch image)
How can I do that?
any ideas?

You could draw a line under them, extend it, check for intersections and filter all the vertical ones like so:

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you could group them using the value of their normals. If you use Surface.NormalAtParameter(0.5,0.5), and use the output to group your surfaces those should be together because they’re oriented in the same direction.

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Thanks… But this method is not suitable for working with a lot of stairs…

Ок. I will…

If you’re dealing with a lot of stairs of different types, you could try evaluating the face areas:

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Thank you man! That’s is very good method!!! I will!!! Thank you so much!!

Thank all you guys!!! Every your reply is really helped me! Thank you!!!

Why this method is no working with stairs on differents levels?

@ildar.kachurin can you show us a screenshot?

hi @Dimitar_Venkov where did you get Springs.Math.AlmostEqual node?and what version also
thank you

You can find it in the spring nodes package. In recent versions (2.x and above), it’s been renamed to Number.AlmostEqual: