Is there a way to make surface out of these set of curves


I have bunch of curves that I would like to make a surface from each group.
Long story short, I am extruding multiple lines from a periphery (currently hidden) and selecting only the ones that are intersected by cones. unfortunately, thOse set of curves are not properly grouped since I used flattened node before. For some reason there was no way for me to filter out those lines with Geometry.DoesIntersect node without flattening the lines. Image below will explain better.

Now that I have these ungrouped lines, is there a clever way of finding nearby curves together, group themselves together and create a surface?

this would be a big big help. thank you. please let me know if you need more information from me.

curve out.dyn (103.9 KB)

simply LOFT them :wink:


Maybe it helps to use 'count 'and ‘list chop’ to recreate your list structure?