How offset not planar curve?

Forest Vase 2.rvt (3.5 MB)

Forest Vase.dyn (39.8 KB)
Hello guys,

I am trying to replicate this model, but I have had a problem to give an offset to each polygon. I guess the problem is that the polycurve is not planar. I’ve already dealt with all the offset I find and nothing. Who has any idea how to solve this impasse or any other way to achieve the desired result?

Have you tried creating a plane based on each panel face average perimeter points, pulling the Polycurve onto that, offsetting, then pulling the offset curve back onto the original surface?

Edit: This may result in variable offset amounts around the panel face though :thinking: let me ponder this one a bit more.

Another option.

Get 4 points on each panel face using sets of UVs that are the equivalent offset distance, create a closed Polycurve through the points, project the new Polycurve onto the original geometry.

Hard to test with no PC :computer::-1:

Hey Ewan, I did it. only had to use LunchBox Planarize Points, create a polycurve (planar) and from there offset the polycurves to then project on the original surface. Thanks for your suggestions.Capture%204 :sunglasses:

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