How many Dynamo plugins there are, and where to find them?

I would like to know where can I find the list of the Dynamo plugins released so far?
I googled and found only this page:


Is that all? Only 12 plugins have been released for Dynamo so far?

Or are these only the ones that have been added to the dynamo primer, and there are more of them not added to Dynamo Primer?

Thank you for the reply.

Hi George,

You can find all the packages here and also you can get all packages in Dynamo under packages.


Some of my favorites (in no specific order).

Clockwork, archi-lab, lunchbox, bumblebee, hollandaise, dynanimator, steamnodes, springnodes, rhythm(mine), bakery, dynaworks, mantis shrimp, colour ui, atmos, and I’m sure there are others I have but I’m not in front of my computer right now.


Thank you for the replies, bot Kulkul, and John Pierson.
They have both been helpful.