Newbie, trying to find my way

So for various reasons, I’ve been sort of tossed into the deep end of both Revit and Dynamo. Coming from a strictly Bentley/MicroStation background with little to no programming experience, it’s all got me a bit frazzled to be honest.

Main question (for now at least) is: I’m looking for sort of a guidebook for the nodes in Dynamo (as well as a few of the main packages). Sort of a compiled list of what nodes are in there, and what they do.

Chances are good that it’s already there and I just don’t know where to look for it, but maybe not?

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Hello mlwarriner,

Welcome to the Dynamo community! We’re glad to have you on board :slight_smile:

There are two primary resources to look at when beginning:

  1. The Dynamo Primer: to go through and gain an understanding of Dynamo
  2. The Dynamo Dictionary: to see what ever single out-of-the-box node does, with extended help and a little graph.

Dynamo Dictionary has an explanation of all the core nodes.

Dynamo Packages will give you an idea of what the most common packages are. You’ll also see them here on the forums quite a bit. Most of them will have websites explaining their nodes in more depth.

Dynamo Primer will be your best friend while learning the basics. Go through every section and make sure you understand what’s going on. These are the basic building blocks for everything else.


Next question - part of my job is to develop tools for other users to work with and automate processes for them. As such, is it possible to somehow pre-configure an install package for Dynamo that contains the add-on packages I’m using (to avoid conflicts between the nodes I write with versus nodes that users install)?

Dynamo defaults to a local user directory for node and package locations but you can specify more. Just keep separate folders and path to them as needed.


Is it possible to edit the install file to pre-map additional package locations so I can just run a single install for my users and they already get the additional mapping?

Not directly through the installer. There is a settings file that gets created on installation that includes these file paths though. You can setup some sort of executable (ours runs on startup) that modifies this settings file for the local user.

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Another question. Specifically relevant to Revit Batch Processor.

I have a Dynamo graph that opens a specific file in the background and copies all schedule views into the active file. It runs properly with RBP based on loading a file list, but it does not save.

In the Progress window of RBP (and in the Log File), each file that gets processed shows the following lines:

“Save File” dialog box detected
Sending button click to “No” button

What do I need to do to get the files to save? I’ve googled around on here, and GitHub, and the RBP pages, and can’t find what I’m looking for. Is there a Dynamo node that will send “yes” instead of “no” to the Save File dialog?


I think you’re looking for these knots. It says the names of the packets you

See attached (I hope) for graph and screen cap. This is the Dynamo graph I’m running in RBP. I guess I’m not sure what to feed into the “document” bit of the Rhythm Close Document node? I don’t want to “Save As” anything, I’m just trying to insert a specific Schedule View into a folder full of files and save them as I go.

import_schedules_test_099.dyn (7.6 KB)

But won’t that save the original source document (the one from which I’m copying the schedule view) rather than the active file (into which I’m copying the schedule)?

Also, looking at it I’m not even entirely sure I need the “Close Document” node. RBP handles that part. I just need some way to tell RBP to poke the “yes” button at the save dialog instead of the “no”…


If you copy something from another file to your own file, you do not need to link to the "Document " entry, only "Save = = True " is sufficient. I shared the save nodes you need above. You can use "Orchid_Document. Save ".

I’m trying the Save As workflow and I tested Orchid’s and Clockwork’s SaveAs, but no luck. The Dynamo script works when I run it through Dynamo, but not RBP.

Here’s my .dyn script and a portion of the log from the RBP. It seems to hang up in the RBP, but not sure what to do now. I’ve tried using a Passthrough node and saving again after Save As, but that didn’t work either.

2021-04-22 23_27_39-Revit Batch Processor