How i can rotate each mullion in Dynamo ?!

I want each of these mullions rotate at different angel incrementally for example :
first mullion 15 degree
second 20 degree
third 25 degree … atc

We might need some more information to help you:

What have you tried so far? Did you try to get and set parameters?

How did you build the family? What’s your final goal?

If you are new to dynamo and computational design in general, I would recommend starting at the dynamo primer and work through the exercise files.

If you have the time/will to learn more on how to work out your final goal in Revit, I would suggest Jeremy Roh’s Youtube channel. Yes, the videos are old and dynamo/revit has changed a bit since then, but the concepts of creating a nested curtain wall family with adaptive components can easily be applied here. He explains every tiny step and is easy to follow. Look for the videos including dynamo and curtain walls.

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i want to make these mullions rotate each one by different angle … to have this photo for example

Use a code block to count from 0 to End in steps of 5: 0…100…5;
Then use a familyinstance.setrotation.