Change each mullion degree ( incrementally)

Can i use dynamo to change these mullions ( for example first mullion 10 degree , Second one will be 15, 3rd will be 20 degree … atc
to have something like this photo at the end


As long as the mullion have a rotational parameter then its would be super easy.

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i will try it now … thanks bro . i will update u

you need to replace the Code Block (Elements = mullions) with your actual mullions. You need to find a way to select them. There are many ways to select revit elements in dynamo.

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ok i will try … thanks bro … i will update you … thanks for ur time <3

If you are new to Dynamo I would recommend checking out the Learn tab at the top of the page too. Lots of great resources.

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You can use the “Select Elements” node to just select a few mullions, or you can use the “All Elements of Category” node to get all of them.

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i select all 8 mullions … still null message

you are feeding it a string of “10” and “90” but it wants a number 10 and 90 (no quotes).

you can also plug the elements into List.Count

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What do the error messages above the highlighted nodes say? Is “angle” a parameter that you can change for your mullions? If not, you may need to find another way to tilt them, or create a parameter within the family in Revit.

yes i notice this … i made it number still null result in SETPARA…

yes its angle for each mullion and it’s a parameter that i want it to be sequence

If you hover over the little yellow text box above Element.SetParameterByName, what does it say?

You can use the Element.Parameter node to find the parameters that each Revit Instance (Element) has. It looks like “Angle” isn’t a parameter within your Revit Family.

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i select it and the yellow null gone but nothing change in mullions still !