How I can align grids?


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set.Grids.Curve.Point.X ?? or something like that

I need I need the syntax.

or where to look?

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Thank you


Grid Element : an example for how to control element options

You could just assign them all to a scope box in Revit, then unassign and stretch to where you need.




John, thank you

But I would like to solve this problem through Python and RevitApi

I do not know where to find an example of an appropriate syntax Python for set parameters grids position (start point)


Read-only or am I doing something wrong

why is it not working?

I would like move the grid to the line




You will not be able to change the reference curve or the start/end point of the curve.

What you can do though is move these curves:



Revit 2016 exposed a few new methods for grids and levels’ representation. You might be able to find something that can align grids in here( check out “DatumPlane.SetCurveInView()” in particular):


Thank you, Thomas and Dimitar!

You helped.

example code for move one grid:

grid = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
ids = ListElementId
vector = IN[1].ToXyz(True)