Moving Revit model built-in grid lines with Dynamo

Hi all,

I’m new on the platform, started a week ago, and still figuring my way through it.

I have been trying to solve a pretty simple problem but haven’t found a solution yet. I am trying to move/translate a grid line that was built Revit using Dynamo.

Eventually the idea is that if your building elements are all tied together (constrained), moving the grid line should update the rest of the structure. I have tried several approaches: extracting the grid line’s location or reference curve, constraining the Revit built grid line with a Dynamo built grid line, inputting constrained in Revit and accessing them in Dynamo, etc. I’ve spent a significant amount of time on this and it’s about time I seek out to brighter minds…

Thanks in advance for your help !


If people are facing a similar issue, here is the definition that I used.

Note: Works with lists of items (not only Grid), don’t use it in “Automatic” or it’ll crash Revit. If you do, make sure to have an “while” statement to reach the target location.



can anyone help me with this python code? The quality of the image is to low to see something.