We try to reuse the script after “AS500585 How Generative Design Can Help Optimize Neighborhoods” (great AU session).

However, we get the message that some packages are missing, who can help with this?

Packages we are missing:

  • GenerativeNeighborhoods 0.0.1.
  • GenerativeDesignv2.0.10.0
  • GenerativeDesignv1.10.10.0
  • GenerativeDesign.Revitv2.0.10.0

Source data:

@jacob.small maybe you can help with it?

Thank in advance.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @j.boonen ,

The X means the package is completely missing, the ! means that you have a different version on your system than the one used in the script. Using the Workspace References tab (in the screenshot you shared) you can decide to install to keep your version or the version in the script. You can also download the missing package(s).


Thanks for the informatomion, but did you also check the source data? Because I cannot find the packages.

Thanks in advance.

You tried pushing thr button that says “install specified version”?

I would recommend installing version 1.0.1 off of package manager, or the version which should install when you push install specified version.

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@jacob.small thanks I installed " * GenerativeNeighborhoods 1.0.1"


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