How do coordinates system react on dynamo based on Project Base Point?

Hi guys, i’ve created this simple workflow to setting up a family and a multicategory in dynamo to represent my geodesic points in the field, and it works wonders, till I move the project base point to anywhere…

When i move it, it feels to me that dynamo do not insta-follow this change, keeping its base WCS. but when I try to change my coordinate system, it doesn’t seen to be aligned (on revit) with my base point either… Any thoughts?

Posicionar marcos v1.0.0.dyn (189.6 KB) testedynamo.xlsx (15.2 KB)

Dynamo’s 0,0,0 aligns with Revit’s 0,0,0
There are a few translations nodes out there like the GeniusLoci one.
Lets see what you come up with

When i moved my base point, it didn’t became a “new” (0,0,0); The coordinates now are something like (EEE,SSS,ZZZ), and when I manually input one of these elements to (0,0,0), this element is created far away from my moved base point, but not exactly at a vector distance of (EEE-0, SSS-0, ZZZ-0), but at a different one.

Also, i didn’t find any translation node at GeniusLoci, but i’m using revit 2019.2 with dynamo, and can’t install the most up-to-date package from them, so I was looking at a way to do it without custom nodes.

Just to contextualize, I move my base point bc I work with georeferenced pointcloud, and if the distance between my base point and the “space” where i’m working is to huge (which is always true, something like (x = 323390.708 ; y= 7393902.042 ; z = 730.620)), revit start to bug, so I need to move it.