How Create Railing from Path


I’m trying to pick a path line to create the railing.
I saw this clip on youtube.

But it does not work on my rvt model.
Can anyone know how to write the code in Dynamo?
Please explain the process step by step.

Thank you very much!

@Dornan_Luke Please outline (with files and screenshots) what you have done so far step by step

…and what version of Revit are you running because this only works in 2017 if I am not mistaken.

The video predates Revit 2017.
Railing is being created as a generic model.
Should be possible with earlier versions too.

generic model? sorry mate, i don’t want to have anything to do with that one. Sorry for jumping in.

Last time I looked at railings, we could only add them programmatically to stairs. As Konrad mentioned, Revit 2017 has a new Railing.Create method that accepts curves, but for earlier versions I had to resort to using slab edges. Here’s an old thread with a sample:

Here are some more links.

Thanks for replying !

I think that the video I posted yesterday, they use a group of many components combine to a railing, not Revit’s standard railing.

Perhaps adaptive component is the best idea.

Otherwise, I know that Revit 2017 already supported railing’s code,
do you have any example about this case?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English ~

Unfortunately i don’t have at the moment but will try to create for you when i get time mean while if someone else can share if they have.