Dynamo - Railing Curve / Sketch line


I am a beginner on Dynamo and i would like to make a script that find the railing in my current plan view and replace it with a detail line. It can be as easy as finding the sketch line and drawing over it.

I am working with Revit 2017 and using dynamo 1.3.1

Sadly i tried to follow some tutorial but it only show how to create a railing with adaptive component.

I tried with a wall family type and it worked perfectly. But it seem like the railing is harder to get the positionning.


There is a node called Railing.GetPath in Zhukoven that could do what you need…

Sadly no, it only work with one railing at a time. I would like to change all the railing to a single Line. Maybe There is an easier way than dynamo?

Springs.Collector.ElementSketch from Spring Nodes could also work but I did not test it on multiple elements

Great i will try it tonight!! Thanks

It’s working! Thanks Yna!

It was simple but useful

Here is the final script

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