Handrailing on given Points or Path by Dynamo

Hi there,

I have a question regarding Handrailings in Dynamo. I want to create a Railing on top of a solid by defined Points (or lines/curves if needed…). I tried it by AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints, but I get the error “The argument have issues”.

Is there a way where you can define Point A and B and then generate a full handrailing between these given points? Or how does this work?

Thanks in advance


Can you show what you tried, and include the family you attempted to use (or better yet the rvt you tried it in)?

Hi @JacobSmall

I just want something like this shown above.

I create some Points. Add the railing posts (which are working). Now I want to add the handrailing… I tried creating them equal to the posts just swapped the column for a beam.

When you draw a beam in Revit, do you draw it as a polygon or as a line?

Try a Polycurve.ByPoints node, followed by a Polycurve.Curves or Geometry.Explode node, and feed that into your Beam.ByCurve.

I will also point out that this will make a beam, not a handrail, so you may have some issues with graphic display. Having some issues with the online api docs sites at the moment (might be my phone, might be the site), so I am not sure if a real handrail is possible.

this does not work for me.

Is there a way to make a proper handrail in dynamo??

What doesn’t work for you? Post some further explanation, a an RVT file showing what you have vs what you want, and the dyn you are using.

I don’t recall seeing it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just that either I don’t remember, and/or haven’t seen it yet, or that it doesn’t exist. As a first step you need to check the API to see if it is doable, and as I noted above I am unable to check if this is in the API completely at this time so it’s unclear.

Perhaps the site will load completely for you:

Look over what you see there (or in your Revit version if 2020 isn’t your thing yet) and see what options you can find for creating a rail.