Impossible to select text note

Hi !

I’m trying to select my text notes in order to rotate them. However none of these 3 ways did works:

  • selection by category
  • selection by type
  • creating text note with archilab package and seing its type

What am I doing wrong ?


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Maybe you should add a Watch node to the outputs of the Element Types, Categories and Object.Type nodes to see what’s coming out of them, this should probably work.

Hi @raphael.georges,

Text note doesn’t work with other language version than English Revit.
There is a bug with Dynamo 1.3.

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It’s really weird, the first top method returns null even if the text note is created.
It does the same on my coworker project on Dynamo 1.3.2

Try the node with Revit ENU.

Merci Alban, then I have to run it in English :slight_smile:

Will that be resolved? I don’t find the bug report in github