Categorie TextNote not working with german Revit


today i noticed that the Categories node with the categorie TextNote (german = Notizen) is not working with Revit in german. I get the following messega:

English text: Waning: ElementQieroes.OfCategory operation failed.

Tried it with Revit 2016 and 2017:
0.9.3 - working but there are no german categories. Its in english.
1.2.1 - not working. Categories in German. With english revit working fine.
1.2.3 - same as 1.2.1

Any clue?


Hi @schlueter

You could try collecting from python. See if that works.

Works fine in 1.0.0, so it’s a regression - you should post an issue on GitHub.

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Dynamo 1.3

Still not wroking :cry:

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