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Looking for feedback from Autodesk customers in architecture and engineering - as we develop technical learning content in 2020 and think ahead to 2021, what workflows or features would you like covered to help you in your day to day work in Dynamo or Generative Design in Revit? Are there any topics where a deep dive would be particularly helpful? Thanks :sunglasses:


An article on Freeform would be nice to open up seldom used possibilities.
I saw some awesome work by @Karam_Baki using this


As in massing or freeform rebar?

He created impossible (to my knowledge) curtain systems

It will be in the next version of the Synthesize Toolkit,
But how does it work and what is left out.


Cool - thanks :slight_smile:


I feel slightly guilty replying, because I feel like I don’t read enough of the provided literature and if there’s pretty much anything I don’t know, google will tell me!

So this is just a list of stuff I wish I had time to go find out more about…

  1. Given the current preoccupation with making software run inside other software, interactions such as com in .net and any more current workflows (like Speckle & the way Hypar is going).

  2. ML

  3. Topologic

  4. WPF, I will go back and revisit this to get external commands working at some point.

  5. T-Splines

That being said, perhaps I am not alone and maybe there are new opportunities in how learning resources information is delivered and suggested? (I know this is something that is already being looked at).

Hopefully that is of interest,



Glad to see the team at Autodesk is responding to the open letter!

It’s not specific to Dynamo, but mostly just expanding the API. Things like editing groups and in-place massing with Dynamo would really help our workflow.

Oh, also modifying Scope Box boundaries would be great too!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

For Dynamo (and Revit) better web integrations and workflows. Currently its either user submitted packages or enterprise licenses like Forge. If there was an open source way built into Dynamo or Revit where a user can share scripts, data and other assets of their work to online repositories it would be a big benefit.