How can i use a Filepath node to do a Save As

Hi all,

I was wondering how can I use the “Filepath” node to make a Save As ?

Right now the “Filepath” node makes me choose an existing file.
But I need to create a new file.

You can enter a new filename that does not exist yet.

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Funny thing, with Dynamo player I receive a message that it doesn’t exist

And we’re deploying the tool for all the company so that may cause confusion

@Anton_Huizinga Well that’s really curious, i’ve test and :

Dynamo Player : Needs to select an existing file so it can work.

Dynamo : It works even if there’s no existing file.

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i would use a select directory and provide an additional file name input.

Gotcha, wouldve been fun to keep it simple in one interface like th filepath