Grouping the wall types before excel export


I’ve got my graph to find all “new construction” walls, now I need to group them and their associated areas before exporting to Excel. I’ve tried “Group by function” and sort, but I’m lost. Do I need to create a list of each family type first?


Why would you want to sort when you have pivot tables in excel?

Added steps = added effort.

Element.GetParameterValueByName node to get each wall’s family.

List.GroupByKey with the original walls as the list, and the family from the element.getparametervalue node’s output as the key. You may want to use something other than the family, or need to convert to a string first.

The walls will now be grouped by their family value. Element.GetParameterValueByName with longest lacing will allow you to then get the area values for each list of groups.

Math.Sum can sum those values should you so desire. Combine that with the unique values from the list group by key and you have areas of each wall type.

Good luck!