Please, I need you help me!

Hello all of bro! I just use the Dynamo. Now, I have trouble with this node. I can’t see this node group the Length same together. Please, I need your help! :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @toantrunggtvt

What is your end goal?


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Can you duplicate all the wall by new Type Name?
Ex: Wall (length 1700mm) set name Wall 1,
2 Wall (with length 2000mm) set name Wall 2, Wall (length 18000mm) set name Wall 3…
Thank you very much!!!

Why are using Structural Framing :thinking:? If you want to duplicate walls.

I am using the Framing, but the nice man give me example the Wall. This is resion why I said that I want to duplicate the wall. My idead is choosing all the framing and duplicate them with new name! <3
Thank you @Kulkul

Try using @Nico_Stegeman method. Once you group the structural elements you can get the counts and feed in names.

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I’m using this method but that not enough my idead. Cry

Thank you Kulkul so much! I’m trying and will find the way. Thank you so much again!

Are you trying to duplicate one family type?

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Your list.groupbykey node from wich package is that?

Use levels in your familytypDuplicate node

here is another example where the nodes bool.mask, groupbykey and sortbykey are used. (this was a dynamograph for room numbering)


use elements.type (Rhythm / archilab both works) before the node Familytype.duplicate


Thank you to 2 bro!!! Now, I can do it! Thank you very much! I love you! <3