How can i follow excel to updated the window & door type mark in dynamo

Hi, i new to dynamo so im I’m confuse on it what I should use to make it happen.
i have a excel file, it have windows type & door type on it, i want to use dynamo to updated it in my rvt project. so i want to ask or can show me what code should i use to make it happen?
thanks for you help.

Hi @Zacz , welcome to the community!

Here are some links you should follow.

How to get help on the Dynamo forums - FAQ - Dynamo (

Use Excel import and use set parameter Node. Might help with your task.

ok i try to fix it,thanks

Start the script. if you are stuck somewhere put it here I am happy to help.

Hi,because i new to the dynamo forum cant upload the files so i only can share with you by the screenshot sorry for that.
i try to do a start but im Stuck and don’t know how to continue.

Try from this template

Mark value from Excel.dyn (23.2 KB)

oh ok thanks i try to use that

I’m sorry I didn’t fix the data flow part, can you explain it more or can you show me how to do it?

how do I know-how is your data!

Sorry, I don’t know what dataflow is, I haven’t heard of it before.

This would be you getting the data from your families and/or excel and comparing them. We can’t see the families you’re working with or their parameter/type names so we can’t design that part of the script for you.

This is a common issue on the forums where we can only give guidance when it comes to the context specific portions of a script.

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oh ok i got it thanks