How can I filter flipped surfaces and revers normal of them?


This is Fusion 360 Model window.

I made those pattern polysurfaces with Dynamo and then imported them in Fusion 360.

But some surfaces had flipped direction of surface irregularly.

How can I filter flipped surfaces and revers normal of them?

Please advise me, thanks :slight_smile:

-------------------------- more Image -------------------------

Fusion 360 shows flipped side in Yellow (ocher), correct side in Gray.
In Fusion 360, to Execute a command such as Combine, Join… the target faces must all be in the same direction.
So I need Gray all faces.

This is command to revers face.

After execute the command, the color of faces I selected for reversing changed from yellow to gray.

can you show more how it is flipped ? it is not clear

I added more images :slight_smile:

im thinking about take all surfaces and make a vector from two point, one from the surface and the other is the center of the whole shape
then take the normal for each surface ,
finally take the angel between them, im sure it will be clear to you to find which surfaces have flipping face

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Thanks so much. I’ll try your advice.

What if you build a polysurface or mesh from it, and turn that into your stl? Haven’t tried that myself but it may repair the normals.


Hi @Lynn_Kim

Is it possible to drop dyn file here?


oh! good idea! I will try your solution thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hello! @Kulkul
I have another question one about my nodes of visualprogram. I will upload the question soon with this dyn file. :smile:

My nodes are unstable, and you need to load the SAT file that I shared with them.

I hope you give me a good advice after open my dyn file and see my nodes. :slight_smile:
model_export.sat (1.8 KB)
triangular pattern on cone.dyn (244.3 KB)

Below is the topic I mentioned. Could you reed this?