Flip surface normals



We just started using vasari and are having some troubles with surface normals.

Is there any way to flip the normals (other than mirror)?

Mirror is not an option because it's a non planar surface.

What defines the normal of a surface? If it is being made of lines, is it the direction of lines? If yes, is it possible to change the direction of the lines?

Thank you in advance.


Vasari likes to use solids, surfaces are a little unpredictable. That being said, you can control the direction of your surfaces by editing the profiles of your surface and drawing them in the opposite direction that they were first drawn. That is, if your surface is made from an arc extrusion and you drew the original arc starting on the left and going right, edit the profile, and redraw the arc starting right and going left.

Also, if you are using the surface for divided surface and panel it, the divided surface will have a flip property that will reverse the normal orientation for all the hosted panels.