How can I export what room a device belongs to?


Hello All
Dynamo may be listening to beginners for beginners.
Also, I am learning about English, so I apologize if it was funny sentences.
I’m glad when there is a reply.
It is a question,
I want to export in Excel what kind of equipment is placed in the room created by Revit.
I tried to find out various things, but I did not find something I expected.
Is there any good way to do it?

Revit used is Revit 2017 and Dynamo is Dynamo 1.2.

I will wait for your advice.



Yes there is a way to do this. I do this with other object but the pricepal is the same. Make from your rooms and your equipment a geometry in Dynamo. Then use the node Geometry intersect. The result sould be a true or fals. Now you can filter your list en export it to excel.


Hello, see also this:


Thanks for te node. Gona test it out a bit.


Thank you very much for your reply, @ Yna_Db
Thank you for telling me about @ john_pierson rhythm package node!
but,It seems that it was still difficult for me.
“Element.Room” does not appear in Dynamo,
Is there an alternative node?
I would like to try out that way, so can you tell me?


Thank you for your reply, @ NL Daniel
I tried it in the same way, but the data the device wanted was displayed.
Thanks to you, I can make one step forward.
Also, please let me know if you can not understand.
Thank you very much!


Did you install the Rhythm package?
There shouldn’t be any problem. Here’s how I get the node in the search field:


Families’ room locations can easily be retrieved in a standard schedule if you have set the room calculation point to on.

Meaning you need to set the “Yes/No” to “Yes” or tick.


I’m sorry
Element room found, after downloading rhythm package!
Thank you very much!


Thank you very much for your reply,@ jarrodryanza

I did not know such a method
Thank you very much
i will try!



Because you taught me,
It was completed so far, but it was impossible to understand along the way.

However, as shown in the figure, I want to do this

↓Current state

I examined it now, I can not find a good way

Is there a better way?


cannot find room tag from linked revit model .