Furniture inside each room to excel sheet

Hi all,
i’m new in dynamo, i have inquiry about dynamo if there is way to export all furniture existing in each room to excel sheet for example

bed room


Ask the Furniture in which Room they are located. That’s a lot easier then getting a list of Furniture and a seperate list of Rooms and then figuring out which belongs where.

-Collect all Furniture
-Ask Which Room they are in (Location > RoomAtPoint)
-Group Furniture By Room (GroupByKey Node)
-Export to Excel

thanks @Bjorn_Keulemans1 but the problem i’m working in school project so i need dynome to collect these data directly because we have to much rooms i started with nods which collect all rooms names and another node to collect all furniture but i need way to separate furniture according each room

And the answer to that question can be achieved by the order of steps outlined above.

Go and try, play around with a script. Come back with a test and results. And don’t do what you just described, starting with 2 seperate lists is a recipe for a headache.

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