Hosting structural framing on a warped sub modified floor

Hello everyone

I have this inclined warped slab that was created in revit using the sub modifying tool. I need to host structural framing system on the surface that is oriented in a specific direction. I tried using the lunchbox and clockwork custom nodes to create panels, to get the intersecting curves to host the framing, but I’m definitely doing something wrong here.

Any help ? Thanks


Marcello Sgambelluri taught a class at AU (AB 6557) that showed a nice method for doing what you want. Basically, he took model lines, used Dynamo to project a plane from each model line up to intersect the warped surface, then did a Geometry.Intersect to get the curves to use as the framing member curves. What’s cool about doing it this way is that you can draw the model lines and specify which elements might be longer than others. With the panel method, you may not have as much control to specify member lengths and to determine joists vs girders, load path, etc.

Thanks Ben, I had forgotten all about that great presentation. It worked fine except for one thing, some of the beams created were cut off and do not follow the curve. The workaround is to put a -ve value in the cutback extension parameter, but that won’t work well. I am guessing that the curvature is very low at some pints that it causes this problem.

Untitled picture Untitled picture1

It is clear to me it’s a problem in a specific area that has very low curvature. Any ideas ?

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Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to solve this without a solution, any ideas ?

Thank you

It was a bug of some sort, redid the definition and it worked fine.