Host Parameter in MEP Families


I want to set the z position of a sewer chamber considering the terrain level around the chamber. I´ve manage a way to do so, but one by one, and i have around 150 chambers to set;
So i saw a light on how could i do it with multiple elements when i saw a parameter called “Host” in a Mep family (see image below). The thing is when i want to retrieve the hosted family (i am using a floor for the terrain) i cant retrieve none but the level where was the chamber created.
Any ideas on how i can retrieve the element on dynamo?




Can we see your graph? It should be possible by retrieving the parameter value.


The Element Host node from the Genius Loci package should work.


@lalbornoz ,

… or

Hi Andreas,

It’s not the same.
You obtain a string value with the GetParameter node and not an element.

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I tried it but it just retrieves me the level. Maybe is the way the family was created