Host ID

how to read in dynamo the host ID in this case

I know that there are nodes that read the host for elements, but they only work when the family is host type
I mean here to read the host id in case the family is eq generic model not hosted but have work plane object

sample file
how to specify the floor ID which is the host?
element host.rvt (1.3 MB)

Can you show what you’ve tried so far?

I attach a model with two families and the script
Thank you in advance
Host ID.dyn (7.7 KB)
element host.rvt (1.3 MB)

Have you tried searching the forum?

Yes, but I did not find such a topic
I do not mean to change the host of instance or create an instance
in the current model I want to read for many objects Host ID
for some families it is possible and for others it is not
it depends on whether the “Work Plane-Based” option was included in the family

Okay let’s see if I understand you correctly:

You wish to discover the Host of elements…

But the issue you’re facing is that you cannot find the hosts of families that are not hosed in the active work plane…

Seems straight forward to me… If it is not hosted in the work-plane, then there is no “host”?


Combining your two methods and using some search logic you can identify both set’s of Hosts

Thank you for your answer
yes, I mean a list of ‘hosts’ with ID numbers
there are two reasons why I think that in both cases the host should be specified:

  1. when you change the floor level, both elements follow it - they are pinned to it
  2. in the properties as in the screenshot above, there is the name “Host” where the name of the floor type is given - so I guess that the ID number of this floor is also stored somewhere there.

It is not important for me whether this floor is called host or otherwise
I am interested in whether there is any node or API procedure that will allow me to read this information

what do you mean? can I ask for some hints? I still have not found a solution