Honeybee in dynamo

hi.when i do this script for one hour the result is ok but change the hour to 9…15 result is faild.can you help me

What’s the error?

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of __func_88b3aa3e8e574383ba99b3d4ec7176c6 that takes arguments of type (string,__array,string,string,bool,bool)

Please post your dyn and a preview of the graph with all previews expanded. The error is likely in the node leading up to the node that throws the error so we’ll need more info to help.

As @JacobSmall said, it is hard to help you with little information but since the error occurs when changing from a single item to a list, it probably has to do with either levels or lacing issue.

You could start by making sure all inputs into the Run Radiance are at the same level. I think in this case you should flatten the Analysis Recipe input before using it.

Also Happy Birthday to @JacobSmall

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i did.but it is not correct.:pensive:

daylight analys2.dyn (31.3 KB)

Looked into this tonight after crawling back to the hotel from AU, and saw that your graph is set up for Dynamo 1.3.0. Are you certain that all nodes in the Honeybee package are the 1.x version thereof? Note that the latest version was built on 2.0 so you’ll likely find you get better results by upgrading to 2.0 across the board.