Honeybee Daylight Autonomy result not visible in Revit

Hi All,
I have been playing with HoneyBee package for Dynamo and it works perfectly. My only problem is not able to display Analysis result in Revit.
As you can see in the screenshots I am using ArchiLab’s Marker&Text Display node to do so. This node is able to generate legend and color scale but not the Analysis Result in the view.

What could be the issue? Any help

would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone? Please :frowning:


Did you ever get this sorted out? I am having the same problem. Thank you!

For anyone to be able to answer these questions for you, you might have to post a sample Revit + DYN models. Please put them up on Google Drive or Dropbox and post a link to download it. Now, that doesn’t guarantee that someone will look at it, but at least makes it possible. Without any sample files, there is no way for anybody to figure out what is going on.