Dynaworks Extract ElementID from Clash Result


I’m struggling with the Dynaworks2016 package for Dynamo. I’ve found this excelent tutorial of exporting clash results from Navisworks via XML to Excel and how to import this into Dynamo/Revit:

However, I would assume that all of this data could also be directly imported in Dynamo via Dynaworks. I’ve managed to get Clash Test name, Clash Name, Clash Point, Clash Status and Clash Date. I can also get to the Clash Element (family name and type), but I would instead like to get the Element ID of this object. I’ve tried to connect the various nodes in the Dynaworks-package in all sorts of ways, but it won’t give me a property value. Can someone point out what I’m doing wrong or give me some insight in other possiblities to get this data?

P.S.: The other property which I’m also not able to find is the nearest grid/level (which also can be exported via XML). Is it possible to get this information directly with Dynaworks too?

In this SFDUG video, the author of Dynaworks shows getting Revit IDs from Navisworks