Hide & unhide text notes

Hi fellas!

I wonder if it would be possible within the API to hide & unhide textnotes with a Dynamo script?
We would like to accomplish this with all co-worker comments made in different views (during a print).

HI, archilab has a node named View.HideElements it can help.

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Outside of Dynamo, we’ve accomplished this with a custom family. Each user can create their own Type, and the text is an instance based multi-line text parameter. We also have a yes/no “completed” checkbox and a “global visibility” checkbox (tied to a global parameter). So when you check the “completed” box, it hides the note, and you can globally turn off all redlines before you print. We also schedule these family instances so we can keep track of the comments: what sheet/view they’re on, etc. (We also have “assigned to” text parameters so we can track who’s doing what)


Would you be willing to share that family?