Help with Wall Base Offset


I need some help with my rotine. I have this simple rotine to make Wall finishes by Room:


This Works very well, but I wanna add a parameter to create a base offset from Level of the room. For exemple, I put a “Wall finish name”, “Height of Wall Finish” and I wanna put too a “Base offset” for Wall finishes starts at 10cm above of level (or another measure).

The package is this:


How can I make this? Thanks

Are you looking to tag the wall finishes or just to add the to the room? If it’s the later, Element.SetParameterByName should do the trick. I’ll try and find time for this tomorrow, but in the meantime give that node a shot.

No Jacob, I want to make a offset of base level, when walls is created. For exemple, I have a Level 0 at 0.00m and when I run the node I want to define a base offset for this walls (for exemple + 0.20cm of level 0).