Write list to .txt file

How can I successfully write this list of numbers to a .txt file? I searched several similar posts related to this but none of the solutions in the ones I saw worked. In my efforts in Dynamo I have tried leaving the list as it is, converting the integers to strings, joining the list to a single item with line breaks, and writing to a .csv. None have worked. I have a feeling I am not providing the data in a format which the node can work with. How can I prepare the data so the “write” node successfully places the text in the .txt file?

Why don’t you use Data.ExportExcel?

Hello @Redrunner262
You must join strings before


I only want these numbers to be placed on a notepad file, not an Excel file.

I tried that and it didn’t work.

It just worked. Just was testing different things and the above scenario produced results.
Thanks for your help!

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The FileSystem.WriteText node is one of those areas where the output of the node isn’t clear, as “null” in this context means ‘nothing to worry about’. :slight_smile:

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