Help with enchancing my code to show Bottom of duct according to offset 0 of model

I am struggling to prepare dyn which would create parameter of duct according to offset of level “0” of model (level with value of 0). Im stuck with finding way to get value of level offset for each duct. My code looks like this now and its very poor because: a) It doesnt check level of duct b) it doesnt get value of level automatically

Any ideas?

Second image as my account is new and can upload only one:)

@pawel.buluk2 refer this post Bottom of Duct (BOD:)

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I read that topic, thanks. However my problem is slightly different as I am looking for way to read reference level of duct and calculate the reference level value for BOD accoring to building z=0 cordinate (Bottom of duct) and TOD (top of duct)

example as on second image

BODto0= BOD (from Revit properties) + (Value of reference of that duct)

@pawel.buluk2 this should work for you.

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