Bottom of Duct (BOD:)


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I’m new in Dynamo just hoping if someone can help me figure this out. I created a parameter to Tag the Bottom of Duct that’s considers Insulation thickness but there’s something wrong with my Nodes that it doesn’t works. Attached are snapshot and the Dyn. Files.

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Bottom Of Duct Tag


Help with enchancing my code to show Bottom of duct according to offset 0 of model

My Bottom of pipe program not working!


Is this possible w/o the converting the units if your using metric templates and the units are sets into mm?

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Can you help with this? I tried to follow your routine nodes aside from using the conversion because I’m already using the Metric Templates and the units are set in mm. BOD Tag is working when I Run Dynamo but its not computing the Insulation Thickness and I don’t now why.

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Can you show me values of insulation thickness.



Thanks I already figured it out! all worked properly when I insert the nodes of convert units as you’ve shown but when I use the same process or routine for the Pipe it didn’t work properly attached is a snapshot.

I still don’t understand why do I need to use the convert nodes since the project units is set in mm can you explain it?

Now my new Problem is for the Pipe BOP?


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Bottom Of Pipe Test


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I have a problem in pasting here files can you give me your Email ID.


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Kulkul, Here I tried this one but still doesn’t work with me. I already attached Dyn.Bottom Of Pipe Tag X1 Bottom Of Pipe Tag X1 File. Thanks and Regards…


Check your mail.



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The routine I send you also work I only realize the mistake when you send me snapshots of yours. My parameter Insulation Thickness & Outside Diameter don’t have this space between.

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Hi Kukul,

I am also having problem with getting the Bottom of pipe .
Could you please send me the snapshot of the program at