Help to set parameter of columns please!

Hello all big brothers!
Can you help me set parameter in dynamo like this picture? Thank you so much!

All Setting that have this drop down of choices are in fact numeric.
So your default setting is probably 0.
All other settings that appear in your drop down are numbered.
Maybe there someone that has the list with corresponding values, but try setting it to 1.
Or 2, or 3

Thank you Marcel, but I would like to set with another parameter. How can I do it?
For example, I would like to set analysit of column to Grid 1. We have a lot of grid in project, we can’t use 1, 2 or 3 because we don’t know grid 1 or grid 2 is what number? Please offer me a diferent way. Thank you so much!
Like this picture

Your first question was answered.
Now you’ve changed the question.
Please make another topic so the database of forum questions makes sense to others in the future, who are looking for an answer.

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