Structural Column Style Change

Hi guys, I stuck in a little problem…please help to come out.
I have couple of columns are placed as “Column Style” -“Slanted - End Point Driven”; I want to change them to Vertical Column Style.

But somehow program is not working.
can you please tell me how can I solve this?

the value for “vertical” option is probably an integer. don’t know which value works, so you will have to try several.

I would wager it is 0, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was 1 or 2.

If it’s a 3 that would be surprising.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: , its working with integer.

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What is shown in the properties panel of the UI is not always how the parameter is actually stored. It’s quite common for certain parameter types (especially with dropdown selections) to be stored as integers or elements. The easiest way to determine this it to work backwards in Dynamo. Set different parameters for a couple elements and use GetParameterValueByName to see what it returns. Those will be the same values you need to use when setting the parameter.

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Thanks for your response, I just found the solution couple of minutes ago by the same process you just stated. Thank you very much.