Create Sheets and views in once failure

Hi all,

I start new with Dynamo and I love it!
However I have a challenge that I can not fulfill.

Dynamo does not create a View and Sheet at once.
I used CustomNode from Clockwork: Passthrough
but do not come out with the conncections.

What am I doing wrong. Can someone help me please


Can you show us what the error on the last node is?

For multiple sheets you need to use Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews

From the SteamNodes package



It can’t be the crop view, because the view is small enough to fit it



It is one View to one Sheet.
I have 32 views and it makes 32 sheet for me

But I give it a try and still have the error


I will give it a try

the funny thing is that it works in 2 parts.
1: create views
2: create sheets and place the excisting views (part 1) on it


I tend to avoid using that node. I believe there might be a better version of that out there updated by @john_pierson. Also, he has some really helpful nodes in Rhythm to create sheets and place views on those sheets. image


Too bad there is no standard node is Dynamo.
I really have to go deeper into Python and Revit API


Maybe create a list of your title block type and repeat the item as much times as the count of your elementlist (32)

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