Help Needed - Importing Cost into Family Types


I’ve been trying to import cost into specific family types from an excel file. Each family type has a unique cost associated with it and I need the family types to reflect the associated cost. The family (light gauge studs) has approximately 80+ types within the family. Each type needs a different cost based off the excel spreadsheet.

Currently I have the excel file being imported and transposed properly (I believe). From there it goes into Set.ParameterByName. While my script works fine, it seems very complex and large.

Is there a way to reduce the amount of items in my script to make it run and load quicker while easier to use?

Processing: Dynamo Script.pdf…

Hello @jpreste ,

Yes you can do that, if you are able to map the excel row number with family type.
because currently you are selecting the family type manually and mapping/ assigning the excel row number to it.

One way i can suggest is export the family type name in an excel and map the family type with cost.
Then using dynamo “family type by name” assigning the cost.

I agree with honeyjain. You can include the type name (or some other parameter value) as a key to have dynamo connect the data.

I can provide an example of needed.

If your are using dynamo to do cost-estimations based on model-quantities, it might be easier to build an excel file which calculates the data based on revit exports.

Yes that would be very helpful with an example. I’m going to try what honeyjain stated, Thank you both very much.

I used walls in this example, and out-of-the-box parameters. You may need to adjust your script as needed. Let me know if you run into issues.

Of course if you made a type catalog for your families, the cost would be there any time you loaded the family in a project.