Point at distance node not found in dynamo 1.2

Curve.point at distance not found in dynamo 1.2
what is the instead node of that ?

try this image

is it possible to create points a long curve using this node?

image do u mean this?

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i need to be sure that this method creates points at start and end of curve and ofcourse in between , but the start and end of curve is important

because this node does do that , try to change the segement length and you will notice that

Hi everybody, I’m following the lessons in the Dynamo BIM web site in order to learn more about how to use dynamo, nevertheless the course is based on Revit 20015 and I guess that Dynamo had change since I cannot find a node called Curve.PointAtDistance, is there any way to find this node or it was replaced for another one?, thanks in advance


@Abdulrahman_Qasem sorry for not answering
yes, this old node was replaced

Hope this example could help you both

Hi Fiesta and thank you for your response, sorry but I’m very new so is not clear enough for me! can you post the new name for the node please or it will be a good idea to re create it by using CODE BLOCK, again thanks

i think it is replaced by curve.pointatsegmentlength

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Ok thank you so much Fiesta, I’ll look forward for that node, best regards