Create points along curve with exact spatial distance between them


I have a polycurve (non-closed). What i want to do is create some points along this curve, where I am sure that the distance between these points (in space) is exactly X.

The idea is that I can not use Curve.PointsAtSegmentLength because if the curve is BENT, then the distance in space between these points is less than X.

My idea was as follows: (For X, let’s take 4)

I want to create a sphere at the startpoint of the polycurve, with diameter X=4.
At the point where the sphere intersects the curve, i want to create a second point.
(Actually this is done by using Geometry.Intersect between the polycurve and the sphere, which returns a curve, so I need to get the endpoint of the returned curve to continue.)
At the returned endpoint I want to create a second sphere, and so on.

I want to repeat this process until I have reached the end of the curve.

I have ‘hardcoded’ the first two steps of this process with nodes. I think I would like to re-write this to a CodeBlock with a for-loop. BUT I don’t know how to do this. Could anyone help me with this?

Any (good) other algo-ideas are also welcome :slight_smile:


Try Chord Length. I think that’s all you’re looking for.


This OOTB node should do what you’re after, unless I am misunderstanding something.

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Thanks all!


If you’ve solved it can you mark a solution, or post a solution and mark that so others can quickly learn from your question in the future. :slight_smile:

try this concept

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@jacob.small Yes, will do. Haven’t gotten to it yet.

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You are absolutely right. Many thanks!