Help me create a basic extrusion

I’m learning Dynamo and going through some of the examples, but I’m trying to understand it by doing a few things that I would normally do in the family environment or in grasshopper - such as draw a profile, select it and then create a solid form using the profile(s)



Here’s what I’d like to do:


Step 1: Select plane to sketch profile (rectangle) on. I’d like to do this entirely in Dynamo, without having to use the “Select Level from family” component. How do I do this with the default “Ref Plane”


Step 2: Place a Rectangle component and attach it to the “Ref Plane” from the previous step


Step 3: Extrude the rectangle to a height of 4’-0"



Attached here is the definition I’ve started…


Expected result:




Actually crappy red result:



Is this a daily build? I can’t find the “bake solid” node in the stable 0.6.3 version. Maybe it’s under a different name.