Having problem creating a facade type

I was trying to recreate this facade for last few days but my progress is not that significant. I am pretty new in dynamo and trying to learn from here. If some one be kind enough to show me the way to create the script, It will really be helpful for me.

Thanks & regards

search this forum for “random panels”

Actually I have removed some grid segment and replaced all panels with random framed void pattern and solid pattern. But after that when ever i am trying to edit the profile its removing one pattern leaving with only one.
Editing the profile first will make the geometry more complex to work with. I am learning dynamo by myself for last one week may be that is why it seems to be a challenge.
Any help will be a great motivation for me.

@das.diptajit1990 If you’re looking to use Dynamo to randomly remove curtain panels you can try something like this

panels.dyn (15.1 KB)

However, this could just be the start of a design process. Once you understand the available tools you could incorporate some more design intent that controls the extent and distribution of the panels.