Happy Dynamo Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

The graph is frickin’ ugly!
Snowman.dyn (98.4 KB)


If someone could explain why the christmas tree point is able to be directly manipulated, but none of the others are, that would be great :slight_smile:

It’s also a bit blocky when going to mesh, might make a nice bauble…

Edit: Hah, I’ve worked out how to control the mesh conversion…!

It defaults to -1. The closer you get to 0, the higher the resolution… But if you put in 0, nothing happens… (presumably it’s then at inifinity which causes it to fail)… So 0.001 gives an extremely high res export (this was 275meg!)

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Assuming you mean you can click on it in the 3D preview and drag it around?

Yeah, that’s how the primer talks about it… you can see that it’s red, but if i preview the others they’re not… it must be something to do with the constraints? or the cone?

My guess is the others are reliant on nodes which are not/ cannot be inputs (such as the point).

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Yeah I had a play around, that one seemed as constrained as all the others. It’s no biggy.

Any luck with control of the meshing? It would be nice to be able to up the point count…

If I remerber it correctly the input to the Point.ByCoordinates nodes needs to be sliders!

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Thanks Einar,

If you just make a point you can drag it, then Dynamo adds sliders for you :slight_smile:

My conclusion is that in Dynamo I can create a point, but I can also Move a point and have a Representation of it show up. I think it’s only the original points which can be dragged, with or without sliders.

That makes sense but was hidden with all my other stuff being in the graph :slight_smile:

try making a reference point out of the point

Hey Marcel, thanks.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work (partly because I’m not in a family :stuck_out_tongue: ) but mainly because the new point is constrained by the other point?

Edit: I guess the manipulation is down-stream only, like a dynamo execution would be…



Piggy backing on the topic (with something I’ve been stepping into periodically):

Each generation of the code executes a newly decorated tree, which has randomly generated branches based on a few inputs. All written with custom definitions in design script.

Merry Christmas to all. :slight_smile:


Very nice… I was thinking about snowflakes but I doubt I have the math or coding skills!

I know Ewan did one, but i’d like it pointy like this :slight_smile:



Realized I forgot to post the dyn, so here you all go.

If it fails to run for you the first time out, try reducing the variable set. Graphics can lag as much as a half minute behind the final output, so watch the previews if you think you’re frozen.

Generate Tree - 2x.dyn (43.6 KB)


seems i have trouble to select / drag Dynamo point, only orbit or pan, did i miss something simple?

Create a point with no inputs, switch to 3D and it’s red… click on the point and drag it… switch back to 2D and it’s now got sliders…

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I know it is not christmas yet, but I would give it a spin in refinery just for the sake of electing the best looking snowman :blush:

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Nice idea! I bet Jacob is using it for his Christmas decorations :smiley:

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Not yet. Gotta wrap up AU first. :slight_smile:


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