Grouping - Sub-grouping

It might be a very simple question for the regular users:
I want to keep my sub-groups as you can see (image 1), but then I want to have a big umbrella group.
as shown.


In image 1 - one group inside the big group gets ungroupped (shown in blue handwriting) is there a way to avoid that?

Thank you so much and again sorry for the seemingly silly question.


I´ve seen that, it is for layout usefull… … it ist also importanted to write which packages are in use!
date of created script a.s.o.


Hello Andreas,
I am using the in-built package in Dynamo. But I have installed this package ‘Monocle’ but
haven’t used it. Date of created script : 12.04.2021
As shown in my first image - one sub-group gets ungrouped inside the big group. a

@lupamudrasharma.88 im sure this is a bit of a hack and it losses its group association once group is copied, but you could do something like this. .

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